Thursday, August 30, 2012

LGBTI policy

The question being asked of the group is:

Does anyone hae a policy on LGBTI youth.  Also if anyone has a training curriculum on cross gender pat down searches.  Please share

Monday, August 20, 2012

Are Group homes covered by PREA

We are reading the PREA standards and our attorney position is that confinement not group homes. My understanding from all of you is:
ANY state contracted residence that house adjudicated delinquents must meet PREA.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Intake forms

Do you have any examples of Juvenile and Adult Institution 'Intake' questionnaires for offenders that include PREA questions? I didn't see any on the resource website.

Can anyone post their forms to this post please

Telephone Policy for residents

If your agency has a "Youth Access to Telephone Policy" that provide for residents to report abuse or harassment. Please share your policy with the Great State of Georgia.

Contract language for compliance with contractors

Can you please give me an example of the language that is used in contracts regarding being compliant with PREA standards?  We are working on contracts right now and need to include this.

Hi here is what Georgia uses and we are looking at using in our contracts. I talked to Adam from Georgia and they ran it through all the legal reviews and standard reviews from the top down and it held up.  It is simple and leaves room for the auditing of the program, as is required by standards, but puts the compliance on the program.  It is impossible to micro manage these programs, but we are required to audit 1/3 of our facilities and contracted facilities each year starting August 2013 and finish in a three year cycle. 

Contractor will comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (Federal Law 42. U.S.C. 15601 ET. Seq.),  and with all applicable PREA Standards, DJJ Policies related to PREA and DJJ  Standards related to PREA for preventing, detecting, monitoring, investigating, and eradicating any form of sexual abuse within DJJ Facilities/Programs /Offices owned, operated or contracted. Contractor acknowledges that, in addition to "self-monitoring requirements" DJJ will conduct announced or unannounced, compliance monitoring to include "on-site" monitoring. Failure to comply with PREA, including PREA Standards and DJJ  Policies may result in termination of the contract”

Sunday, July 22, 2012

115.317: PREA Language in application, job announcement..performance reviews and reference check documents

Can anyone send the wording or changes they have made in job applications, job postings, supplimental questions and performance reviews in order to capture any former on current sexual abuse charges or allegations and any changes you made in capturing any work perspective employee did in other facilities or institutions to meet standard: 115.317

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sexual Harassment

Good Afternoon,

I am wondering if anyone or states has implemented sexual harassment into their policy or training as of yet?
We are working on adding it into training, however, I wanted to know what others are using for specific definitions or are we required to use the standard definition as a result of the final standards?

Please advice


 A workgroup member has the following request

Hi Friends,
We are looking to replace our camera system in JDC with the best of the best.  Do any of you have any suggestions on vendors that we should contact that offer a quality product at a reasonable up front rate, with a low ongoing maintenance cost?

Any leads you can provide will be helpful.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NEW Blogging site for National PREA Resource Workgroup

I am trying out an new blogging site where we can communicate and post questions and answers to each others enquiries.  Try it out and see if it does not enhance our communication with each other
If you have a question or solution to anything PREA, click "new post" and give it a title that we all will recognize and type whatever you want to know or need help with or have help for.  Try it out